Growing up on the plains there was an empty, unrestricted vision of the horizon where the earth met the sky. One could not escape a sense of AWE of living on the land surrounded by vast space dominated by an immense ever-changing sky. My respect for nature increased when storms rolled in, creating thunderous responses to crackling lightening. The energy released during storms was both frightening and thrilling.

There are certain places on Earth where I experience increased energy and a sense of being "at home" and "at one" with the land. Luckily, I have lived in such places and have felt enriched by their stark beauty and kinship. The vastness of the land and sky of the plains of Kansas, Southern Colorado and New Mexico have greatly influenced my work.

I was drawn to the austerity of open landscapes, along with the structures resting on the earth. The imperfections, crookedness and cracks of colored plaster clinging to the adobe walls compelled me to enter those spaces physically and artistically. Representing space and forms as a reflection of nature rather than an imitation, I hope to have captured the simple, calm feeling of a sense of place.

                                                    Lynn Stenzel


Demonstration at Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo